Back again. :)

I know it’s been a long time since i’ve updated this blog, but life’s just been crazy busy for me. Between trying to work, do well at school, create music & practice as a band, i haven’t exactly had alot of time on my hands to update my tumblr, until now. 

Its a Sunday afternoon, and im sitting at home, just got back from Amanda’s house.
Some exciting stuff has happened lately for Myself & the band. Im proud to announce the full release of ‘I Will Run To You’, what i would describe as an unpredictable melodic love song, that was actually written in inspiration, of a late relationship i had.

Aswell as this, we (Stephen, Matt & I) had another photoshoot last Friday for a magazine article in BMA, which i was really happy with, unlike some of the previous ones. (Photos down the bottom)

But what’s happening with Me? Not much, really. Nothing tremendously exciting or life changing has happened of late to me, which is a shame, but hopefully there is to come. I’ve actually been deep in thought about the band & the ‘loyal’ fans we once had. I posted I Will Run To You on our MySpace, but received no feedback at all, which is odd, and i’m beginning to think, maybe, we are losing fans.

Enough of that though, have a look at the pics, and head over to and tell me what you think of the new track, im dying to read something about it.



Sam Koster.

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Just started working on this remix, so heres a preview for my beloved readers :)

Enjoy life. There’s plenty of time to be dead.
Mixed emotions about my band.

I do believe it is time for me to write another blog, escpecially since i haven’t since last friday.

Well, i do have a decent amount to talk about at 1:10am, yeh my sleeping pattern’s all screwed up.

Firstly, i will follow up on my first blog, about school. The good news is, my parents are now on board with me, and are going to give me a shot at this. The concern is, is it worth it? I’ve been doing alot of thinking, and the main reason im doing this, is to persue music, to a greater level, but, it’s come to my attention after posting a recent video, that the 300+ comments that we’re left consisted only of who was hotter between Matt & I. This pissed me off, the a level, that made me feel, “Why dedicate your life, and sacrafice everything, for a bunch of fans who only care about looks?”.

Now i know, thats a broad statement to make, and i’ll clear that up, because we do have genuine fans out there, who do love our band, because of the MUSIC.
But for all the others, just please go away, we dont want to be another Justin Beiber or Backstreet Boys. We want to be like our heroes, Enter Shikari, HIM, bands that are GENUINE.

Now, i apoligise for the lack of politeness in that recent part, but it just annoyed me. :(  Does anyone agree?

Anyways, heres some news to look forward to, that only you will know about, as the reader of my blog. :)

We Filming a professional music video for “Goodnight, Farewell." on the 20th of this month! Just a hint of whats to come, expect to see lots of greenery, epic lights, and party time. ;) We will post on YouTube as soon as editing is complete.

ALSO. We had a feature article in another magazine today, and i’ll leave you with that to read upon, and admire. Haha, jks. I’ll write again tomorrow.

Love you guys.

Sam Koster

Encase you cant quite read the pic, this is what is says:

"You may not think it strange to hear that Canberra band ‘The Blaqk Year’ recorded their first album four years ago - except the band members we’re only aged 12 at the time and had already been together for a couple of years before that.

Havent heard of them? Well, a Google search quickly reveals that The Blaqk Year is one of the hottest bands on the World Wide Web, and if their huge fan base on MySpace is anything to go by, it won’t be long before they’re a household name.

Heading up The Blaqk Year is Sam Koster, songwriter, guitarist and lead vocals. He first picked up a guitar at age seven, and at the ripe old age of 10, set about rallying his friends to form a band, already dreaming of a future playing music.

'My whole life I've had a passion for music and I'd always had a feeling I'd be in a band,' Sam said.
Also flying The Blaqk Year banner are Stephen Reinhart (guitar), Matt Santos (bass guitar) and Callum McDonald, all aged sixteen.

Still unsigned, The Blaqk Year took production matters into their own hands recording their new album ‘Arcadia House’.

No strangers to technology, at 10 years of age with a microphone and a video camera the boys began posting their creations on MySpace.
Their profile has been rated Australia’s number one unsigned artist for the past 12 months.

Given their strong following internationally, The Blaqk Year will be playing live to fans via webcast in March from Fox Studios in Sydney.
With Arcadia House released on iTunes February 1, the boys are confident their music is maturing and they can sustain their popularity.”

T.G.I.F, am i the only one knows what that means?!


First of all, AVATAR, best movie ever.


It may not be for you guys, but here in Australia, its 1:25pm on Friday, possibly the best day of the week.

Anyways, i wanted to recap on a few things that have happened over my week.

The first blog i posted on Tuesday i believe, stated that i was quite stressed about school, and that i had other ambitions, go read it if you didnt. The good news is, my parents are starting to consider my thoughts, and may be giving me a chance to prove myself at this new place, which will be great if they do.

On Wednesday, i wrote about some guys that we’re playing beautiful music with pipes and such in the street, that caught my eye, and ears, that i took to quite fondly. It may come as a suprise, but i’ve been at work again, creating a new song, incorporating some of these beautiful instruments, and believe me, they are beautiful, and work amazingly well with my style of music aswell.

Thursday was just a post of a quick video i made to inform our YouTube community of my album, that has just been released, which has been getting some awesome feedback aswell.

Now, Friday. Today i learned that all humans are born with 2 sets of vocal chords, and Tibetan monks, actually train themselves, as part of their lyfestyle to activate both at once, creating an unreal effect, so im trying to learn how to do that, but heres a video of, what it been deemed ‘Throat Singing’ in which he can produce one chord, and if you listen carefully, can also hear the harmony being sung as well, simultaneously:

Anyways, i’ll write again tonight, but i’ll leave you with that.

Love always,

Sam Koster

So here it is:

Love you guys! :) TBY. x

Ahhh Wednesday, half the week over.

So, a follow up on my last rant, not much has changed, except my negative outlook on the whole situation, is now positive. :)

I saw 3 guys performing in Civic today, they’re music was strange, but beautiful, using intruments such as the ‘Pan Flute’, and other traditional instruments, struck inspiration to experiment even more with my own music.

Arcadia House seems to be doing okay, alot of positive feedback, and re-enforcement, that people might actually like what i create. Anyways, im out for my daily blog, bedtime for Sammy. Heres a picture, of the three amigos i witnessed today.

Love you guys dearly, talk again tomorrow..

Sam Koster.

Oh, and by the way, i just aquired this tropical angel fish. :O
His name is Leon. Haha.

Oh, and by the way, i just aquired this tropical angel fish. :O

His name is Leon. Haha.

My Crossroads, fuck them.

So basically, theres a fair bit going on in my life right now.

Not all good either, most of it, all stressfull, and your probably thinking, ‘Arcadia House was released yesterday, whats he got to say about that?’, well, of course thats great, couldn’t be more happy with how its going, and how well the release actually worked. I was actually quite skeptical that the album would actually hit iTunes on Feb 1st, worldwide, as we only finished it just over 4 weeks ago, and there is a 6-8 week pending time, for albums waiting to go live on iTunes.

So thats great, very happy, however, my focus on life is pulled in another direction at the moment. School, and to explain the story, i need to cover some past events first.

For the past two years of my life, ive been fucking around at school, wagging, and being an idiot. The first school i was at, asked me to find somewhere else, because i spent half of Year 9 (Grade 9 as some of you may be more familiar with) wagging, which means ‘not attending’.

Long story short, up until now (Grade 11) i did the same thing, with my girlfriend at the time, at the next two school i was enrolled at. This really caused major drama’s with my parents, which didnt reflect to well on my family either.

But, why Sam? You ask. Its simple. My love, and passion & enthusiasm for music, is beyond words, so when i would ‘wag’, i would create. Create new music, promote my band. Which has really paid off, in some respects.

So here’s where my dilemma stands. There is a school i really want to go to, which i had a chance at before, but screwed it up, that would suit my lifestyle, so much better. Give me more time to be home, making music and would also allow me to persue a traineeship in production on the side. However, if it we’re that simple, i’d be there, but my Mum enrolled me at ‘Hawker College’, which if i go through with, i will be tied down for the next 2 years with work 24/7. Which i feel will leave me no time to keep creating, and follow my dreams. Mum wants me to go to Hawker, because she doesnt trust that i will attend if she lets me back to the other place (C.I.T.). I’m fighting with her every day, over this, and i just need to prove to her that i can do it, and will attend, and prove her wrong.

Im doing this for you guys, the listeners of my work, because i dont want to let you down, or let the dream slip away. Maybe my mum will read this, and things might change, but i need your help. If you feel i should put my life into music, please give a vaild reason in a comment, and explain why it would be worth it.

By the way, i got on the bus the other day, and the man directly across from me, was wearing a t-shirt, which immediatley drew my attention, it stated:

"Imagine Yourself, as the person you want to be.
Do, the things you want to do.
Never, let your dreams slip away.
Live, the good life, the easy life.”

I was like, ‘What the fuck, is this a sign?’, anyway, You be the judge, feel free to PM me.


Sam Koster.